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Welcome to my delightfully delirious confusion of Linux, Hugo, Git and the Fediverse!

My interests include d/Deafhood, Deaf issues, accessibility, non-toxic social media, linux, macOS, self-hosting and small-time networking. You can probably find material pertaining to any of those somewhere on this site.

Fediverse instances hosted here!

So, I’ve recently finished setting up instances of the Fedi social media services I was interested in. I use Friendica for a Facebook alternative, Mastodon for Twitter, Pixelfed for Instagram and Peertube for Youtube.

Yes, you can find Fedi instances of Friendica, Mastodon, Pixelfed and Peertube on this host.

images/friendica.png#floatleftnspc My Friendica instance is friendica.thewalkingdeaf.net (think Facebook, but much nicer)

  • my Friendica profile can be seen here.

images/mastodon.png#floatleftnspc My Mastodon instance is toot.thewalkingdeaf.net (think Twitter, but much nicer)

  • my Mastodon profile can be seen here.

images/pixelfed.png#floatleftnspc My Pixelfed instance is pix.thewalkingdeaf.net (think Instagram, but much nicer)

  • my Pixelfed profile can be seen here.

images/peertube.png#floatleftnspc My Peertube instance is flix.thewalkingdeaf.net (think YouTube, but much nicer)

  • my Peertube profile can be seen here.


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