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Some info about myself and my website


Hi, I’m Steve and I created this website and maintain it using Hugo, GitLab and the Markdown language.

I doubt it’ll ever be of use to anyone, but you never know. If you find one of my articles useful, then please use the comment form at the bottom of the article’s page. Even better, use the yellow button below to buy me a coffee. I’d be very grateful. 🙂

About Me

I’m a life-long denizen of the city of Manchester in the North West of England in the UK. I work for a busy Deaf charity in Manchester on the Well-being Activity Project team, and I also recruit and co-ordinate the volunteer roles there. Before that, I spent far too many years in the thankless IT sector in different devlopment and technical roles. I’m far, far happier in my current position.

After the tumultuous events leading up to my change in career direction I prefer a calmer, slower way of life. In my spare time I’m now deeply interested about and involved in

  • 🧏‍♂ïļ d/Deaf issues and politics,
  • ðŸŠī houseplants and outdoor container gardening,
  • ðŸŒŋ learning more about plant biology and horticulture,
  • 📷 wildlife, nature and environmental photography
  • 🊐 astronomy
  • 🧠 mindfulness, and
  • 🔍 western philosophy

I’ve created this website more or less as a vanity project. I think I’d like to document my interests and hobbies in a way that might be interesting to someone else with similar tastes. I’d like to think that one article or another might be useful to someone down the line, or inspire just one person to follow one of my interests. There’s a blog section included for me to post the more sporadic or random thoughts that I like to commit to the web.

As well as this, I like to continue to dabble lightly in tech. Maintaining this site keeps me up to speed with services like Git and Hugo.

The title? Oh, yeah. I simply combined strongest identity connection and one of my favourite TV shows. That’s it. ðŸĪ·


It seems everyone’s a photographer these days since the advent of mobile phone-attached cameras, but I like to think that I’m entitled to my OG badge by dint of the fact that I’ve been at it since my late teens. Time was I operated my own darkroom and processed all my own films (I loved Ilford HP and FP) and photographs amongst bottles of stinky fluids before the advent of digital processing.

I have a website, stevesimonsphotography.com that I occasionally update when time allows.

Many of my images are available to license from

d/Deaf Identity

I was born profoundly deaf on my left side with much reduced hearing on my right. I spent my childhood removed from the Deaf community and culture, only recently discovering my own Deaf identity. Growing up constantly struggling with communication barriers has not had a positive effect on me, and since discovering my local Deaf community I identify as d/Deaf.

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