🌱 Free Plants Sunday!

Someone say free plants? I’m in! 🤣

Was having a mooch round in the alleyway behind the house, looking at the ‘weeds’ and trying to determine whether they should be removed or not. I spotted some of what appear to be Dryopteris filix-mas (Male ferns). I thought they’d look good adding to the container garden so I had a go at lifting them from between the cobbles and discovered that they come out quite easily. I collected a few and potted them in standard garden compost, hoping it’s not too rich for them.

I also spotted the lovely Meconopsis cambrica (Welsh poppies) that proliferate on the cobbles between the back yards at this time of year. They definitely would be welcome additions to the containter garden and I collected a few of those too. Quite a number of them had finished flowering and were carrying seed pods, but I can still keep those and sow them next spring.

It was whilst I was collecting the M. cambrica that I noticed another, larger fern growing at the base of a wall. I was surprised to realise that it was an Asplenium scolopendrium (Hart’s Tongue fern)! Just sat growing there, free for the taking. I teased it free from the ground and potted it up, very pleased with the find.

Even better, I saw a few clumps of Pilosella aurantiaca (Fox and Cubs) in the cracks in places where the sun touches the floor. I learned that this is a good attractor for pollinators so I helped myself to a couple of clumps of that.

Finally, just as I was congratulating myself on the free haul, I recognised the tiny flowers of the Cymbalaria muralis (Ivy-leaved Toadflax) peeping out from between some cobbles. I lifted some of that too, and gave it a new home. I’m thinking about a mini rockery garden next year and this would definitely thrive in there.

So what a nice afternoon, brought about by just looking down carefully at what was underfoot. 🙂

Just to add… Yes, I know it can be frowned upon to uproot wild plants from outdoors but knowing our neighbours, it’s only a matter of time before someone hoes them all out and rinses the whole area with Jeyes fluid to ‘clear all the weeds out’. So in a way, I’m performing a service to them.