🌱 New plant babies!

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

I managed to score a couple of stem cuttings from Rhaphidophora tetrasperma for the regular price of one on eBay recently.

They arrived this morning, two days after the initial attempted delivery none the worse for the experience. Well-packaged with the sphagnum moss-enclosed roots wrapped in cling film, and the leaves protected in plastic bags to preserve humidity.

I planted them in pots with orchid bark in the bottom, with my usual 50:50 mix of coir and Perlite making up the bulk.

They’re often called ‘Mini Monstera’ but they’re not really a part of the Monstera family. The leaves just happen to look like smaller versions of the fenestrated leaves on a mature M. deliciosa plant.

They don’t like direct sunlight, their natural habitat being on the shaded forest floor, so I’ve placed one on the shelf on the back wall of the lounge where there’s lots of incidental light bouncing off the white walls, and the other on a shelf under the grow lights. I’ll see if one fares better than the other in a few weeks.

I now have 47 established plants in the font room, not including propagations in progress (8). 😁