🌱 New plant baby!

Pothos Scindapsus ’nJoy'

Another new arrival in the post today! This time it’s a Pothos, the first one in my collection. I know they have a trailing character and are really easy to progagate from cuttings so I’m thinking this will be another candidate for the new bathroom when it’s done.

It was really well packaged as I’ve come to expect from these eBay purchases. It’s a bare-rooted cutting, the roots enclosed in a bit of damp compost in cling-film and taped to the slim, letter-sized box it came in. It’s potted in my standard starter mix of coir and Perlite to allow plenty of drainage and for me to control the nutrient input over the next couple of months.

I’m going to let it grow to the length of the pot it’s in before starting to water-prop new cuttings. I’ll then cluster the rooted cuttings into the pot to make it look a lot fuller.