🌱 New Plant Babies!

I’ve been stressing for the last few days because the plants I’d recently ordered seemed to be taking ages to show up. I was worried that they’d dry up in transit and I’d have to through the circus of sending proof to the sellers and claiming a refund. Also, I didn’t like to think of them being in a bad way!

I’d given up hope of them turning up on my last day off before work when they arrived out of the blue, after a regular post delivery! There were several packages containing a mix of plug plants for outdoors, bare-rooted cuttings and unrooted cuttings.

Pictured above are the Monstera adansonii, Ficus elastica, Maranta leuconeura, Alocasia baginda ‘Dragon Scale’ and Tradescantia x andersonia ‘Blushing Bride’ from various eBay sellers. I’m happy to say that they were all in good health considering how long they’d been sitting in the postal system for.

Alocasia baginda ‘Dragon Scale’

The maranta was a surprise as it appears to be a duplicate send from the seller that I’d bought the first one from. I checked my eBay history and sure enough, I hadn’t repeated the order. So thank you, kind eBay seller. I now have two maranta and can maybe take on in to live on my desk at work. 🙂

There was also a surprise with the Dragon Scale - there was a tiny rooted plant packaged with it that I have every reason to believe is another of the same so I’m going to end up with two of them! If they grow half as well as my ’normal’ Alocasia then they’re going to do really well and they’ll look stunning when they grow their adult leaves.

You can see the detail already on the older plant by clicking on the image on the left.

I mentioned unrooted cuttings? Yes I did, my Curio rowleyanus, Peperomia prostrata and Curio radicans (strings of pearls, turtles and bananas) turned up too. I have them in the obligatory shot glasses on the propagation station shelf under the grow lights. I got them as a bundle from eBay but I’m only really interested in the C. rowleyanus but we’ll see if the others grow on me (haha) as time goes on.